Universal fit visors

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I've done these for a while now as a collab with Big Kid Do Skids and they've gone down well, so I'm releasing them as a new product here. Coming in 2 sizes- 18cm and 16cm, these will arrive flat and you can heat bend them to fit whatever wing mirrors you have.

Some are smaller than others, so the 2 sizes will make the visors look like they were made to be there. Simply measure from the top corner of the wing mirror lip (normally where it starts to bend round, and follow the line across till it bends round again and down the side. 2cm is quite big when it comes to the length of a visor, so you should be able to easily know which one to choose that would look better! If you still don't know, message me on goodluckgarageuk@gmail.com or dm on insta and I'll be able to advise.